Music Voyager is a travel series broadcast by PBS and BBC that invites viewers to discover a Country/State/City through it's trend setters, who show us the lifestyles resonating in the location.

Join the Voyager team as they experience the Culture, Cuisines, People, Lifestyles, Adventures and ...PEOPLE! We uncover the sights, tastes and sounds of our diverse and fascinating world while on an adventure around the globe to discover the most vibrant cities the world has to offer. Click below to view episodes featuring Ben Youngerman as Director of Photography.

Last Glimpse is a travel show with a purpose. We're headed to the most wondrous places on Earth that are impacted by complex environmental issues. Our journey, from the Maldives to other at-risk locations, will not portray a "doom and gloom" scenario, but rather highlight the natural beauty and unique cultures native to these areas. We hope you'll enjoy an immersive experience, and discover a deep connection to the people, food, language, music, and wildlife of these uncanny destinations.

Because the problems we face are not isolated to any one place, let's marvel at modern Atlantis in bittersweet beauty and commit to resilience and preparedness strategies in our own local communities. Otherwise, consider this your LAST GLIMPSE...

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