When chef Ursula Brown, of Germany's Driedoppel, visited San Francisco to run a workshop at the California Culinary Academy, Marque Foods wanted to make the occasion special. They invited chefs from around the city and created an interactive atmosphere to celebrate cooking and community. Panhandle Productions worked with Marque Foods to create a series of unique videos highlighting both Chef Brown's demos and audience participation during the event. Also, see photos from the event here.

Honey Bear Trees. How do you separate one Christmas tree from another? That was a question for Redwood City's Honey Bear Trees as they sought a way to connect with the local community. By harvesting only sustainably-grown trees and engaging in charity for nearby schools, HBTrees found a unique path to define themselves and show that some trees really are better than others. Whole Foods noticed and recently, HBTrees, Panhandle, & WF teamed up to promote community activism & "The Environmental Christmas Tree." Click below to hear more from Oregon State Forestry expert Mike Bondi and HBT Owner Mike Cocco.

The Alternative Board. TAB is a peer advisory group of CEOs, presidents, business owners, and partners worldwide who are committed to improving their businesses. Panhandle has worked with TAB on a variety of videos that blend live presentation and member feedback/participation. The video below highlights a recent member luncheon & workshop with the goal of reflecting on the previous year and preparing for the challenges ahead.

See a new TAB video here: Changing Course: A Special Seminar for TAB Members

The Yoga Health Center. YHC has been specializing in Bikram Yoga for almost 15 years. Yet, with so many Yoga centers in the Bay Area, how does one stand out? This video centers around the unique atmosphere created by owner Regina French: challenging, yet supportive classes motivating students of all skill levels. Participants embrace a fun & communal environment, sweetened even further by Regina's famous Saturday morning Chai Tea.

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