SXSW in Austin Texas is one of the largest music festivals in the World, with more than 2,000 performers playing over 5 days. At SXSW 2013, Pandora Radio again hosted the "Discovery Den" at Austin's famous blues venue Antone's. The Discovery Den showcased the best young talent at SXSW 2013, such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Allen Stone, Tokimonsta, The Gaslamp Killer, & Akron/Family. Click below to see the video portraits created in partnership with Team Jaded.

In addition to the 2013 Den, click here to visit the 2012 Pandora Discovery Den.

The Stern Grove Festival Association is a non-profit cultural organization committed to providing the people of the Bay Area with admission-free access to diverse performing arts. For over 75 years, Stern Grove has been a beloved cultural cornerstone of the Bay Area. Panhandle Productions worked with Stern Grove to create a mini-doc that tells the unique story of the festival's connection with nature, Bay Area history, esteemed performers, and diverse audiences.

Miranda Ferris Jones , a Bay Area musician, is a unique and adventurous talent. Working with Bob Weir (of Rat Dog and The Grateful Dead), Jones is recording a collection of songs that are both an album and a performance piece. "The Precipice" combines a mesmerizing theatrical script with her dark, whimsical jazz/cabaret style.

Following our initial documentary video for "The Precipice," Panhandle Productions returned to TRI Studios in 2012 to create a new video tracking the progress of the show. The most recent milestone: a theatrical Workshop showing off the latest musical numbers. In one day, approximately a dozen performers came together to improvise a remarkable performance of The Precipice's most exciting new material. Watch below to see the inspiring progress of the show happen right before your very eyes. (editor: Abby Berendt Lavoi)

Awesöme Orchestra Collective is a Bay Area original. Founded by conductor David Möschler in the spring of 2013, the group holds regular open orchestra rehearsals, called "sessions," at various non-traditional rehearsal spaces. The goal of Awesome Orchestra is to break down the barriers of traditional orchestra and include a wide community in ongoing musical adventures. The diverse group totals over 300 musicians around the Bay Area who are passionate about the power of orchestra and the open democratic music-making experience. Although the group is totally open, musical standards are maintained by encouraging members to honestly judge their own abilities and to take time for extra practice if they can not keep up with the pace of the group. Awesome Orchestra has performed throughout the Bay Area from locations such as the De Young Museum to spontaneous BART station flash mobs. (Camera by Louise Mitchell and Andrew Nixon). Donate to their cause here!

The music of Seattle’s The Head and the Heart holds Americana roots and strong vocal harmonics that swell like a river. The band's anchor rests in solid songwriting powerful live performances. At the end of 2011 the band played The Treasure Island Music Festival and shared their experiences on touring and writing music. This video was shot with and edited by Team Jaded.

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