Panhandle Productions teamed up with IB5K & Jaded Multimedia to produce a series of mini-documentaries for Bank of America. The videos focus on a variety of organizations & businesses that BoA helped excel: small-businesses, community centers, colleges, the arts, homeless shelters, and more. The video below highlights BUILT NYC - a design firm BoA helped grow into an iconic brand. The video explores the challenges of a small business, the need to dream big, and the spirit of New York City.

In 2013, the PAC 12 Conference launched PAC 12 Netowrks - a national and regional network to provide unprecedented exposure for its athletic and academic programs. Headquartered in San Francisco’s SOMA district, the new network partners with four of the nation's largest cable operators and uses a high-speed data network as the backbone of its state of the art broadcasting. Panhandle Productions teamed up with BizTech to profile the technology PAC 12 Networks is using to set the new bar for sports broadcasting. (Editing Credit: Michael Wolcott)

Roger Dean Gershman, Founder and CEO of Wealth Guard Inc, is a visionary leader in the financial services industry. Wealth Guard, the nation's premier protection agency for high-net-worth investors seeking background checks, ratings and rankings, is an example of that vision. The firm matches investors' unique requirements to financial advisors. A second-generation financial advisor, Roger carries on the code first practiced by his father, who also provided financial services to his clients: The customer's interests - not an advisor's or investment firm's interests - always come first.

Advantage Gate Products. When AGP needed to revamp its image & its website, it decided that web video would be at the center of its new campaign. With the release of the X2 Swing Gate and the Quick-Fold Vehicle Gate System, Panhandle helped AGP launch of bold new look for its brand. One of our more traditional videos, click below to watch. Click here to see AGP's new website.

Powertronix. A power solution specialist based in Silicon Valley, Powertronix designs and manufactures new technologies for the OEM industry. You can find Powertronix components in equipment produced by the best-known companies across the globe, and in the most demanding applications, such as health care, power quality, automation, vending, gaming, audio, and more. Panhandle helped Powertronix demonstrate the scope & capabilities of their company in a traditional manner.

See a new Powertronix video here: MD&M West Trade Show

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