Ben in the field with The Last Crop

Ben Youngerman is an experienced filmmaker with over 10 years of industry experience. His love for the lens is partnered with a joy in connecting to people and their experiences. Ben founded Panhandle Productions in 2007 and since 2002 has been creating films as a director & cinematographer. Success at Panhandle Productions is defined by intimate relationships that yield fresh, engaging & trustworthy content. While managing day to day operations in the field, Ben also takes pride in maintaining close personal connections to clients both in San Francisco and around the country.

Panhandle Productions focuses on small businesses, the arts, documentary, education, travel & more. Regular clients include Stern Grove Music Festival, New Media Ventures, Yelp, The Precipice, Bank of America, The SF Jewish Federation, The Alternative Board, Brain Resource, The Associated Press, BizTech, Runners World, and American University.